The Dancers Edge is a product of Cenla Academy of Performing Arts, 47 years in the making.


Welcome to THE DANCER'S EDGE! We offer a variety of dance classes for boys and girls of all ages. We believe in finding the potential in every student. Helping our students to achieve their own personal and professional goals. We try to instill In our students hardwork, leadership, dedication and teamwork. These are all skills they will use to be successful in life.

We try to not only demonstrate the steps but educate the student as well. They will learn much more than just how to follow the teacher mindlessly. To encourage the correct growth and knowledge the teachers assess each student before placement in a class. We don't only go by age...we consider years of experiencek maturity, and the execution of the steps.

All studios are NOT the same… As parents it is very hard to decide between the different schools. Our goal is to not only show the dancer the movement, but to also show her/him the “correct” way to execute each step before years of repetition and doing the steps incorrectly will be harmful to the dancer’s body.  Our dancers will not only learn the terminology of each style of dance but also the correct technique needed to become a successful skilled dancer.

ALL of our classes are taught by BOTH the director and assistant director personally!  Our students essentially get three educated leaders with every class we teach.

Carrie Barton Young


Carrie Barton Young is the owner of The Dancer's Edge. Carrie is a trained ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop instructor. She is also the director of the school and teaches all of her classes.

For 18 years she has taught at Cenla Academy of Performing Arts, a school that is recognized for its technique and quality of dance. During those 18 years she has taught and mentored students who have went on to Joffery School of Ballet in New York, Joffery School of Ballet in San Francisco, Louisiana Tech Regal Blues, ULM Hawkline, and LSU Golden Girls. She was also the Artistic Director for Red River Dance Theatre, directing the production of Nutcracker 2013 - 2015.

Carrie's dance training began at the age of three, under the instruction of Ms. Rita Barton at Cenla Academy of Performing Arts. At the age of eleven she was a charter member of Ballet Alexandria which is now known as Red River Dance Theatre. This opened the door and gave her the opportunity to train with world renowned dancers from all over the world. She had the pleasure of taking class from Vladimir Pisarov - Harvey Hysell School of Ballet U.S.S.R, George Lyssenko - Donetsk Ballet U.S.S.R., Mary Geiger - Geiger School of Classical Ballet Detroit Michigan. At thirteen she went to IBC (International Ballet Competition), where she was taught by the professional dancers who competed in the Dance Olympics. She also partnered with male professionals at Ballet Alexandria sponsered dance camps in the summer and productions in the Spring and Fall. Outside of Ballet Alexandria she also performed with Delta Festival Ballet, Lake Charles Ballet, and Red River Oprah.

Through the years Mrs. Carrie has danced many roles including: Les Patineurs, Madeline, Cinderella - Fairy God Mother and Lady of the Court, The Nutcracker - Snow flake, Waltz of the Flowers, Reeds Soloist, Spanish Soloist, Mechanical Doll, Arabian with Professional Partner, Dew Drop Fairy Soloist, Pas De Quatre, Peter and the Wolf, Le Bayadere, Swan Lake, and Giselle.

Teaching has given her the opportunity to influence and touch the lives of students in a way that only a select few will ever get the chance to experience. " The moment my students walk out on stage the night of the performance and I see that spark in their eyes, my heart lights up and I know I have chosen the right profession" - Mrs. Carrie